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As an ode to RoboCop’s Omni Consumer Products, or OCP, a team of leading business people and scientists, came together to create the next large cancer biotechnology company, OaCP, which stands for Oncology and Cytogenetic Products. The team is led by CEO Dr. Enrico Di Oto, who holds a PhD in oncology from the University of Bologna. Enrico is joined by CFO Francesco Villa, CMO Andrea Faviere, CCO Allegro Matteo, CBDO Fabrizio Bugamelli, and laboratory technician, Eros Venturini.

Cancer causes misery when it afflicts patients with the anguish of waiting for an accurate diagnosis. OaCP’s mission is to reduce the time for cancer diagnosis. They have accomplished their goal, and are working on validating their approach.

Enrico, who has worked in the Bologna city hospital since 2003, where the spark for this project started, is the person for the job. In the course of his hospital and PhD work, he has performed roughly 15,000 cancer diagnosis tests, and understands the biology of what needs to change in order to transform the diagnosis industry.

The OaCP team was born in 2014 and has been recognised by the Bologna University Entrepreneurial LaunchPad program, the Silicon Valley Mindset program, the International Overseas Talent Fair in Zhongshan, China, and the China-Italy Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition in Chengdu, China. It is now reaching the end of its term at the leading biotechnology startup accelerator, RebelBio.

Here at RebelBio, the team expedited its business and R&D while obtaining distribution agreements in Europe, India, and Japan. At the same time, they have also been developing new product.

Enrico says, “RebelBio has taught me the importance of listening to everyone about everything in order to improve myself, the company, and the business.” He recalls a story from a few years ago that taught him about perseverance in business: “I started spending my vacations at my wife’s livestock farm. One day, my father-in- law told me to take a sheep up from the field in order to medicate her scratches. After being dragged by said sheep for 150 metres in the mud, I learned a couple of things: Number one, never underestimate who is in front of you; two, a negotiation is not about how strong you are are, but about strategy, patience, and preparedness; three, persevere until you reach your goal or learn something while failing.”

OaCP has the possibility to make a difference for millions of people who waste time every year waiting for cancer diagnostic results. They are driven to transform the sector by providing technology that is not only better and faster, but more affordable. After RebelBio, the team plans to continue improving their skills and the company.

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