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RebelBio Cohort 4 companies may no longer be taking over the labs of University College Cork, but they are disrupting their respective biotechnology sectors. July 26, 2017 marked the end of the 2017 RebelBio program, with all 15 teams graduating at the sold out Demo Day in London. Companies presented to a room full of investors and corporate officials at the technology incubator in the Technology and Innovation Hub (I-Hub) at Imperial College London’s White City Campus.

John Lloyd and RebelBio Founder, Bill Liao

Demo Day itself kicked off with  John Lloyd, renowned TV producer and 10 time BAFTA award winner, followed by the 15 teams presenting their companies, and closing with remarks from RebelBio founder and SOSV general partner, Bill Liao. Several thousand people across the globe viewed the Demo Day via livestream.

Galactica Biotech team

These 15 companies cover the following sectors: therapeutics and drug discovery, diagnostics, cosmetics, food tech, bio-tools, agtech, and clean tech.Companies are incorporated all across the globe, tackle issues ranging from improving the delivery of chemotherapy to using biomimicry to reuse wastewater.

Science: Disrupt, Silicon Republic, and Irish Tech News have featured this event. If you are a blog or newspaper that wishes to cover the details about Demo Day please contact the director of RebelBio, Elsa Sotiriadis, for a complete press kit.

Therapeutics and Drug Discovery

Michael Lukesch, CEO VALANX Biotech

Valanx Biotech, an Austrian company, is led by CEO Michael Lukesch. They make defined antibodies with a defined number of drugs attached to this antibody to improve the treatment of cancer. They are asking for 300,000 euros over the next 18 months. Over the last three months they have filed a patent to protect their technology, started selling their amino acid to a market leader, and created the cheapest, site-specific protein conjugate to date. Click here to see Valanx Biotech’s complete presentation from Demo Day.


Dr. Jorge Valencia, CEO Galactica Biotech

Galactica Biotech, an Irish company, is a team of 4 PhDs, lead by CEO Jorge Valencia. Galactica Biotech uses a proprietary machine learning method to discover new applications of drugs and then sell those reports. They are asking for 700,000 USD. Over the last three months they have identified 2 active molecules and are preparing to sign their first contract. They also plan to produce revenue through finding unknown molecules, patenting those molecules, and then selling. Galactica Biotech is improving precision medicine through the use of AI. Click here to see Galactica Biotech’s complete presentation from Demo Day.

Dr. Nils Rehmann, CEO Canuevo

Canuevo, a Canadian company, is creating a cannabis revolution. Led by CEO, Dr. Nils Rehmann, Canuevo is working to make a measurable, standardized medicine, so it can undergo clinical trials. They have worked to make a proprietary delivery system around functionalized encapsulation. They are asking for 650,000 USD. Over the last three months they have proven their concept, launched and have sales from their first product, and started filing their patent to protect their technology. Canuevo is working to create a fully licensed pharmaceutical from cannabis.Click here to see Canuevo’s complete presentation from Demo Day.

Dr Nusrat J M Sanghamitra, CEO CyCa OncoSolutions

CyCa OncoSolutions, an Indian and Delaware C company, is creating an oncology product line to improve the quality of life for patients receiving cancer therapy. They are lead by CEO Dr. Nusrat Jahan. Through seeing her father suffer from chemotherapy treatment, she is determined to bring the CyCa Deliver Device to market. This device delivers chemotherapy and other molecules directly into the cell. This device reduces the dose needed for cancer patients 10 fold.They are asking for 480,000 USD over the next 18 months. During the RebelBio program they filed their first patent and developed their first product that is a research reagent to track cells. CyCa OncoSolutions wants to better the life of the 15 million cancer patients one cell at a time. Click here to see CyCa OncoSolutions’ complete presentation from Demo Day.  

Myrka Rojas, CEO Hemoalgae

Hemoalgae, a Costa Rican company, is changing how we treat blood clots. This company is lead by CEO, Myrka Roya Zeleden. They have improved the production of hirudin by fusing microbiology and the DNA of leeches.  They are asking for 500,000 USD over the next 18 months. During their time at RebelBio they have been prototyping and developing their hirudin production process.Their goal is to make hirudin available to everyone through their novel processes. Click here to see Hemoalgae’s complete presentation from Demo Day.



Emer O’Shea, CEO Khonsu Therapeutics

Khonsu Therapeutics, an Irish company, is led by student turned CEO Emer O’Shea. Khonsu Therapeutics is working to develop a drug that is based on a protein produced during pregnancy in order to to treat inflammation. To produce revenue while developing this drug, they are entering the veterinary market since this protein is also preserved in foles. They are asking for 500,000 euros. During their time at RebelBio they have taken ten years worth of academic research and turned it into a company, completed novel in-vitro work and animal models of neural inflammation, filed a provisional patent, and made key veterinary partnerships. Khonsu Therapeutics is working to bring the protein nature has perfected for hundreds of years to humans and horses. Click here to see Khonsu Therapeutics’ complete presentation from Demo Day.


Emilia Díaz, CEO Kaitek Labs

Kaitek Labs, a Chilean company, is led by entrepreneur Emilia Díaz. They are transforming  bacteria into computers in order to improve the seafood safety industry through their product MOSES. MOSES is a a Microbial Optic Shellfish Evaluation Sensor to detect shellfish toxin in seafood and protect you from food poisoning. They are asking for 500,000 USD. During their time at RebelBio, they took their existing technology and transformed it into a physical product, gained investment, started selling, and generated interest from all over the world. Their goal is to have field ready kits in two years time. Kaitek Labs will eliminate the risk of consuing toxic shellfish through their patented technology. Click here to see Kaitek Labs’ complete presentation from Demo Day.

Dr. Enrico Di Oto, CEO OaCP

OaCP, an Irish company, is led by Italian scientist Dr. Enrico Di Oto. OaCP is shortening wait time for cancer diagnostics. They are asking for 600,000 USD over the next 18 months. Leading up to RebelBio, they performed a case control study validating their technology. Throughout their time in Cork, they turned 4 tubes of product, into a massive supply of profitable product and identified the distributors as their first key customers, signing agreements throughout the world. They aim to reduce test time, kill cancer misery, and save patients lives. Click here to see OaCP’s complete presentation from Demo Day.



Mary Ward, CEO Sex Positive

Sex Positive, an Irish company, is led by biotechnologist Mary Ward. Sex Positive is bringing an at home STI diagnostic to the consumer market. They plan to democratize diagnostics for health with a portable consumer hardware device. They are asking for 650,000 USD. During RebelBio, they created a completely integrated prototype, filed their intellectual property, and planned their path to market. They are bringing technology, diagnostics, and sexual health together, so we can all stay positive and test negative with their diagnostic device.  Click here to see Sex Positive’s complete presentation from Demo Day.


Dr. Pravin Badhe, CEO SwaLife Biotech

SwaLife Biotech, an Irish company, is led by Dr. Pravin Badhe, a pharmacist, with years of experience in drug repurposing. SwaLife Biotech is aiming to use novel plant molecules to develop a sunscreen that allows sun protection and vitamin D absorption, an anti-aging cream that improves collagen production, and a skin repair cream that enhances the DNA repair process. They are asking for 550,000 USD over the next 18 months. Over the last three months, they have formulated these three products, are negotiating a sales contract with an Irish based cosmetic company, and are testing their cosmetic products. They aim to use nature to protect people’s skin from UV rays. Click here to see SwaLife Biotech’s complete presentation from Demo Day.




Anna Ramata-Stunda, CEO Alternative Plants

Alternative Plants, a Latvian company, is led by Anna Ramata-Stunda, an expert in cell biology with years of experience in development and testing of cosmetic ingredients. They are culturing plant stem cells from rare and endangered medicinal plants in order to produce anti-ageing, skin protecting, and skin lightening cosmetics. They are asking for 550,000 euros. At RebelBio they have signed a letter of intent with their first customer and four times increased their production yield while reducing their costs five fold. They are bringing sustainable beauty to everyday life with their plant treasures. Click here to see Alternative Plants’ complete presentation from Demo Day.



Food Tech

Bonn Macy, CEO Phyteau

Phyteau, an American company based out of New Mexico, is led by Bonn Macy. Phyteau uses natural plant compounds to scientifically control metabolism and blood sugar. Their first-of-its-kind approach has significant implications for weight loss and diabetes. They are asking for 350,000 USD. During RebelBio, they were focused on getting their product ready for the market.  They identified key partners and suppliers and created a new process to produce a novel new ingredient that is key to their product formulation. They are working to bring products designed by nature and delivered by science to the market.  Click here to see Phyteau’s complete presentation from Demo Day.


Dr. Tom Meany, CEO Cell-Free Technology

Cell Free Technology, an Irish company, is led by Dr. Tom Meany. Cell Free is creating a platform so everyone can prototype biology. Their literally cell free kit lets you be unconstrained by biological or GMO regulations and is low-cost. They are looking for investment. During their time at RebelBio they reduced their cost of extract production by ten fold and finished developing their first product. Cell Free enables inspiration and wants to get their kit to market as soon as possible. Click here to see Cell Free Technology’s complete presentation from Demo Day.



Dr. Chidananda Nagamangala Kanchiswamy, CEO PLANTeDIT

PLANTeDIT, an Irish company, is led by Dr. Chidananda Kanchiswamy (Chida). They are using genome editing technology to produce and bring to market DNA and regulatory free crops and bio-pharmaceuticals. They are seeking investment. During RebelBio, they were able to develop an improved, GMO free soya bean oil composition and negotiate product marketing and development. They aim to develop next generation, sustainable products. Click here to see PLANTeDIT’s complete presentation from Demo Day.



Clean Tech

Rachel Major, CEO NuLeaf Tech

NuLeaf Tech, an American company based out of California, is led by CEO Rachel Major, an entrepreneur with degrees in biology, chemistry, and business. They are working to design bioinspired, self-powered, and compact wastewater treatment systems that reclaim resources on site with the NuTree. They are seeking an investment of 700,000 USD. During RebelBio they received a letter of intent from the leading winery in the United States, a letter of support from an Irish brewery, filed a provisional patent, built a horizontal proof of concept, and sold their first system. They are planning to enter the craft beer market to treat the wastewater produced from breweries. Click here to see NuLeaf Tech’s complete presentation from Demo Day.

Revolutionizing Biotechnology

These 15 companies show where the field of biotechnology is headed and how much work it takes to bring an idea to proof of concept, prototype, and finally to market. Be sure to like RebelBio’s Facebook page, follow RebelBio on twitter, and subscribe to our Medium to keep up with all of our news. We are currently accepting 2018 expressions of interest, please follow this link to the form if you have a prototype or startup you want to take to the next level. Thank you for following our 2017 cohort and be sure to follow each company on their respective platforms to keep up with how they continue to grow.

All photos are courtesy of David Milnes.


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