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This year’s IndieBio EU class sports thirteen biotechs, each developing a unique and exciting product inspired by nature. The teams have been active since May 3rd and have already received substantial mentorship and support. They have been introduced to sights and sounds of Cork and our host institution, University College Cork.

The companies have found their footing and are highly motivated in tackling problems in a number of diverse areas. The teams quickly got acquainted and became fast friends all the while supporting each other both as people and as lean biotech companies with high potential concepts. The environment is a highly challenging crucible but the superb cohort this year are learning from each other’s to create value, both tangible and intangible.

Since 2014, IndieBio and SOSV began proving that biotechnology responds to this pressurised start-up environment; we mean to refine and improve dramatically upon our unprecedented successes this year. And, we want you to follow our progress and see it in action!

So, without further adieu let’s meet the Class of 2016:

Anú Dairy are an Irish dairy biotechnology company producing probiotics for the dairy industry that will increase vitamin K2 content in the milk. This will create a new niche in the functional food dairy market, building on a rapidly increasing growth in Irish butter exports all the while improving the quality of land with better grassland management. Tweet this!

Chinova Bioworks are a Canadian company revolutionising the beverage industry by developing a natural, safe and effective antimicrobial cocktail mixture. This mixture provides a targeted or broad spectrum antimicrobial effect, protects beverages from spoilage and enhances their shelf-life. Tweet this!

Uira BioenergEthic Pty Ltd. are a holistic biotechnology company committed to making animal-free Omega-3 nutraceuticals. They extract omega-3 oils from selected algae strains, and adopt innovative, cost effective, and sustainable technologies to benefit human & animal health. Tweet this!

MicroSynbiotiX, Ltd is an Irish company developing novel oral vaccines for aquaculture. Their vaccines will help to eliminate the unnecessary use of antibiotics, and to combat devastating viral outbreaks causing major stock losses in aquaculture globally. Tweet this!

Cell Reserves Inc is a Canadian biopharmaceutical company developing a biomolecular shield for therapeutic molecules. In this way, they can increase the longevity of therapies in the body, thus significantly reducing the risks and costs associated with disease management. Tweet this!

Moirai Biodesign are an Spanish molecular diagnostics company pioneering the development of Plug and Play RNA devices. With these, they will create improved non-invasive diagnostics, and targeted therapies, for treating cancer. Tweet this!

Your food is dead. Since you are what you eat, that’s bad news for people who want delicious, fresh and nutritious food. Spira is an American company that makes a high-protein shake based on spirulina, a tasty microalgae that thrives in the bottle; just add sunlight. Tweet this!

Hexafly are an Irish company producing a sustainable & natural solution to the looming fish feed crisis in aquaculture. The price of fishmeal has tripled in the last 10 years! In nature fish eat insects. For us they can provide a new raw materials source to the aqua feed, chitin, & plant nutrition industries. Tweet this!

Magenta Biolabs are a Costa Rican company providing a solution for the growing demand of high quality hyaluronic acid. The company can repurpose common waste to produce this high value molecule for commercial applications such as cosmetics, healthcare and pharma. Tweet this!

Peer-to-Peer Probiotics are French company engineering nutrient-fortified microbes for traditional fermented products. These can add vitamins and nutriceuticals that support health and well-being, without requiring drastic dietary changes. Because fermentation is a global tradition, they can also help to bring nutrient fortification to "last mile" regions where vitamin deficiencies remain endemic.. Tweet this!

Crónicas are an Ecuadorian company, developing novel crops resistent to common and virulent infections. In this way, Crónicas can resurrect lost varieties of much-loved fruits and vegetables, and bring traditional foodstuffs into the modern agricultural era. Tweet this!

Milis Bio are an Irish protein bio-engineering company that believes that our relationship with flavour doesn't have to be bitter-sweet. We are developing sensational protein-based food additives, without the drawbacks of traditional or contemporary additives. Tweet this!

Helixworks Technologies are an Indian biotechnology company specialising in novel DNA synthesis. Helixworks Technologies mission to is to drive down the costs and increase speed of turnaround while guaranteeing the speed and reliability of automation. Tweet this!

This year’s thirteen start-ups have amazing global potential, and the themes of high-tech environmentalism and healthy food stand out again clearly against a backdrop of stereotypically introspective larger biopharmaceutical companies. The teams will carry on the legacy of previous graduates to create real value that anyone would be proud of. We are looking forward to seeing these teams evolve on their journey.

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