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Upon arrival to RebelBio, I was greeted with friendly faces, determined companies, and a wide array of Google chrome plug-ins from program manager, Steve O’ Connell (@thelovelysteve). I initially thought he was just telling me one or two during my first day to ease my transition, but I quickly learned he had a wealth of knowledge of the most organization inducing, hacking preventing, and productivity increasing Google chrome plug-ins, and I want to share the top 5 most helpful with all RebelBio blog readers.

The List


Part one of this initial suggestion, is to start using Trello immediately. Trello is a collaborative online organization tool. The program not only lets you create task boards for all lists, but also lets you invite other Trello users to share to-do lists and boards. Boards can group different lists in Trello, so users can separate between personal to do lists, work to do lists, and other categories as they see fit. This Gmail integration allows for users to take the email with the task and immediately add it to the Trello board and to-do list of choice, eliminating potential lost of detail and forgetfulness.


New to the world of secure data? miniLock is a user-friendly plug-in that lets users encrypt any file by simply dragging and dropping. In today’s day and age, encrypting files is key for protection of data and miniLock takes the difficulty of choosing a program and strategy completely out of the users hands. Files are able to be unlocked by friends through the miniLock ID users initially get from registration. Both users need miniLock in order share files through this method. 

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly will help users avoid typos and simple grammar mistakes in emails, blog posts, social media, and any other online form of medium. This simple plug-in is a must for any young professional. In addition to in-time corrections, Grammarly sends weekly status updates to help keep users up-to-date on their common mistakes. This program not only catches user errors but also helps users improve their communication ability over time.


Rapportive’s main goal is to do exactly what the title says, establish rapport. Upon installation, Rapportive allows users to see basic LinkedIn profiles when initially writing Gmails. This ability to quickly know information about who users are connecting with is an essential for improved communication and insight to connections. 

Linked Helper

This LinkedIn chrome extension can work to extract data as well as help users automate their LinkedIn mail. Data scraping and finding leads can take lots of time, but after studying the reviews of this plug-in, it is easily seen that this app is ahead of any LinkedIn plug-in for finding pertinent contacts and helping improve connections throughout the professional world of LinkedIn.

Connection to Professionalism for the Young Entrepreneur

All of these chrome plug-ins revolve around task management and self improvement, both of which are crucial when developing and learning as a young professional. I use the plug-ins as well as the media these plug-ins are based off of on a daily basis to improve my personal organization and productivity. Trello is key at managing my personal tasks from laundry and dishes to professional goals. Trello is also key when working for large organizations. My boss and myself share Trello boards to improve communication and overall visibility of responsibilities.

Additionally, grammar is essential for making connections. Typos and poor grammar are the quickest ways to show someone carelessness, so it is essential to know and utilize this type of tool. In order to know who to connect with, daily or weekly use of LinkedIn (with that stellar grammar) is a necessity for all young professionals and these plug-ins will elevate users ability to connect with future mentors and companies.

Keep Searching

These plug-ins are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using Google chrome effectively. Make sure to keep searching the chrome store or even build an application by following some tutorials if no application is fulfilling specifically what you need.

These tools will elevate any startup to the next level for day-to-day tasks. We recommend them all to our start ups and now to our followers!

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