Susannah WilliamsScientist In Residence

Programme Director

Susannah is the scientist in residence at RebelBio. She supports startups from a scientific perspective, trouble shooting and helping them progress. This role includes being part of the process of scouting and identifying potential new talent. Susannah manages RebelBio’s social media presence and is actively involved in promoting the current and alumni portfolio cohorts, as well as RebelBio’s broader ecosystem work, both virtually and in person.

She has almost a decade of experience in scientific research in a wide range of areas, including neurodegeneration, arterial stiffening, and bone formation. In addition, she has mastered a range of technical skills, from molecular and cell culture, to behaviour and imaging. These skills and her deep experience make her well-placed to support RebelBio graduates, and critique new talent.

Prior to RebelBio Susannah was part of RepairHD, a four-year collaborative research project funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme and has a PhD in Regenerative Medicine from Cardiff University.