John CarriganScientific Director

Scientific Director

John Carrigan graduated from University College Dublin in 2005 with a PhD in protein biochemistry, in which he explored the engineering of enzymes for use in diagnostic kits. In 2008, he moved into the area of metabolomics and proteomics, where he worked at the largest nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) centre in Europe, in Birmingham UK. While there, he was involved in developing ‘omic’ methods and providing an analytical service to a range of other companies and researchers, in addition to being heavily involved in research into cancer detection and treatment. In 2012, he joined startup company AER BIO Ltd, which later merged with the green chemical company, Cellulac. While at Cellulac, he spearheaded development of cost-effective natural product extraction (particularly omega oils) from microalgae, a process that has now reached industrial scale. 

Dr Carrigan has published several peer-reviewed articles in these areas, in addition to also occasionally writing articles for publications such as the Irish Medical Times and the New York-based Medical Daily on topics ranging from phantom-limb syndrome to the biochemistry of the hangover.