Isha DatarExecutive Director, New Harvest

Isha Datar is President and CEO of New Harvest. She is a co-founder-level advisor of cellular agriculture start-ups Muufri & Clara Foods.

Isha trained in cell and molecular biology at the University of Alberta. She earned a Masters of Biotechnology from the University of Toronto, and Isha has published a seminal paper on cultured meat. She is now a recognised catalyst for animal products made without animals.

New Harvest is a strategic grant-making organization accelerating breakthroughs in cellular agriculture. New Harvest’s mission is to kick-start an industry where animal products are made without animals. New Harvest are working towards the vision of a world where we can harvest animal products without harming life. New Harvest provides catalytic funding to groups making animal products at the cellular level, for the purpose of achieving sustainability, security, and safety of agricultural supply.

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