Elsa SotiriadisProgramme Director

Programme Director UK 

Elsa is a bioengineer and technologist.

As Synthetic Biology PhD Scholar at Imperial College London and Hong Kong University, she founded a “Cancer Moonshot” project to develop synthetic,  programmable DNA architectures (aptamers) as novel cancer therapeutics – from a computer. She co-founded a revenue-generating tech startup, which successfully raised two rounds of funding. In Vienna, she worked in emerging technologies and startup intelligence as Lead Analyst for High-Tech and Energy, where her focus included artificial intelligence, zero-carbon smart cities and the bioeconomy. She also co-lead a futurism study and provided strategic advisory to F500 companies and government. Before joining SOSV, she worked in Finance in the City of London.

She writes poetry and science fiction on the side, published in leading international literary magazines and is a regular speaker.