Edward PerelloFounder, Desktop Genetics

Edward Perello is the founder of Desktop Genetics Ltd, a London-based software company creating next-generation tools to engineer any gene, in any cell line, in any species – without stepping into a lab. A molecular biologist, Edward aims to build a world where living solutions can be rapidly engineered to meet any challenge with limited hassle.

Edward has long-been interested in the science and policy of synthetic biology, and enjoys exploring questions of utopia vs dystopia in a synbio-enabled world. Most recently, Edward has begun to explore ways to enhance bio-literacy amongst professionals that will need to engage with biologists in the coming years, namely software developers and designers. He is interested in the biotech user experience and advocates the development of responsible approaches to synthetic biology, seeking to foster deeper ties between national security, cybersecurity and the biological sciences.

Edward is a fellow on the SynBio LEAP programme, chairs the iGEM software track, and is UK Ambassador for Hello Tomorrow, a global non-profit that aims to get scientists to start companies that bridge technological fields. He works with the the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford and has worked for the European Union.

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