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We’ve launched a new cohort in London

We’re in the middle of the genomic revolution and we’ve just launched our latest cohort in London to accelerate some of the most astonishing developments in the life sciences.

Increasing overlap with other technologies like machine learning, automation and faster DNA sequencing and synthesis are a few factors to lower the financial hurdles to entrepreneurship in the sector. In combination with capital, this enables scientific founders to de-risk their ventures earlier, pursue world-changing technologies and bring exciting consumer biotech products to market.

Synthetic biology company Bolt Threads is raising $106 million. Meanwhile, early-stage companies are advancing in the funding cycle, too: IndieBio startup Memphis Meats has secured $17 million from investors that include Bill Gates.  Our graduate cell-free tech has captured public imagination with their bio-pixel computer and several of our portfolio companies, like Microsynbiotix, have recently raised investment, too.

We’ve selected a new batch of ten global top early-stage companies to join us for 12 weeks. Each startup has won an investment of up to $250’000 and we’ve partnered with the world-renowned Imperial White City Incubator. The program consists of mentoring and workshop sessions, talks, pitch training and 1:1 sessions on business and scientific development with access to labspace and a hackspace.

The interdisciplinary companies are shaking up areas ranging from 3D cell cultures, AI-powered neural tech, de-centralized diagnostics and genomics to eco-fashion made from novel biomaterials and in human augmentation.

The 10 startups:

  AlgiKnit | Daekitech | VivoKey | Magellan | June  | Encelo Laboratories  | Biomimetic Solutions  |  Visusnano




Cohort V with the team at Imperial Cohort White City Incubator


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