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Khonsu Therapeutics Founder and CEO, Emer O’Shea, has studied neuroscience, worked for a microfluidic company, and is now jumping head first into developing a therapeutic protein for autoimmune and inflammatory indications in human and animal medications.

CEO Emer O’Shea and Dr. Zhenfei Ning

O’Shea works in conjunction with CSO, Dr. John Williams and CTO, Dr. Zhenfei Ning. Dr. Williams holds a PhD in developmental genetics and Dr. Ning is a postdoctoral research fellow in developmental genetics. This developmental genetics team has been working on the technology of the company for the past 7 years. Dr. Tom Moore rounds out this four person team and brings his veterinary and scientific skills as the scientific advisor.

His veterinary skills are key because Khonsu Therapeutics fast route to market is based on focusing on the veterinary healthcare market in order to feed revenue into developing their human therapeutic. They can do this because their therapeutic is a native protein, found in both humans and horses.

Over the last 4 months, RebelBio has helped Khonsu Therapeutics go from an initial idea to the reality of a strong and growing company. O’Shea said, “We have received invaluable advice, training and the introduction to a wide network of expert mentors and investors that would otherwise be unattainable. Over the four month process, that turned us from scientists and they have molded us into entrepreneurs.”

Make sure to check out Khonsu Therapeutics at RebelBio’s Demo Day in London on July 26. Information can be found here and tickets are available for investors here. The livestream link will be published on RebelBio’s social media soon.

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