RebelBio Partners With Clustermarket To Support Startups With State-Of-The-Art Resources

The Sharing Economy – A Driving Force Behind Innovation The sharing economy is an ever-present force within society. The well-known players like AirBnB or Uber have identified a use for [...]

Announcing the IndieBio EU Class of 2016

This year’s IndieBio EU class sports thirteen biotechs, each developing a unique and exciting product inspired by nature. The teams have been active since May 3rd and have already received [...]

Proudly Announcing the 2015 IndieBio EU Teams

Abuzz with excitement, the nine teams of this year’s IndieBio EU, the third session of the world’s only Synthetic Biology accelerator programme, have occupied the lab at last. With [...]

Synbio Future Conference II, March 27th

When IndieBio began as SynbioAxlr8r last year, it kicked off with a conference, the Synbio Future conference, that achieved something rare and inspiring; it brought together people from the [...]