Stay Positive, Test Negative with Sex (+)

According to the World Health Organization more than one million people are infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) every single day. Despite this, many of us are still failing to [...]

Meet the fierce female founders programming life

The number of women leading startups is on the incline, particularly in the tech industry (I highly recommend the film “She Started it”). However, in some industries the stark difference between [...]

Spoiler Alert from Chinova Bioworks!

Chinova Bioworks is a highly motivated team consisting of founder Natasha Dhayagude and COO David Brown . Last year in the US over 700,000 people got infections from visiting a hospital. We threw [...]

Spira: A Simple Living Spirulina Drink

Spira consists of  founder Elliot Roth and cofounders Trevor Nicks and Hunter Casbeer. All of whom are highly motivated US citizens who came together to unlock the true potential of Spirulina . [...]

Saphium: Bringing back the love to plastics.

Saphium Biotechnology consists of Katharina Ettl, Bernhard Brauner- Runge, Reinmar Stefan Eggers, Josef Tauchner, Christof Winkler-Hermaden, and Sanel Durakovic. All of whom met at Karl- Franzens [...]

Ageria: Hungry For a Longer Life?

Next up on the IndieBio EU interview series is Ageria which comprises of Corey Howe from Ohio, and Andreas Stuermer, Alexander Gfrerer and David Weichselbaum from Austria. They met at a biohacker [...]

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