RebelBio Partners With Clustermarket To Support Startups With State-Of-The-Art Resources

The Sharing Economy – A Driving Force Behind Innovation The sharing economy is an ever-present force within society. The well-known players like AirBnB or Uber have identified a use for previously unused resources or even expose entire untapped markets. The scientific community has also [...]

Hexafly: Using the World’s Best Fed Larvae to Feed the Planet

Hexafly’s ambition is to tackle the fish feed crisis head-on with their innovative method of converting waste products into high-value feeds, fertilizers and bioplastics.Hexafly offers solutions to three broad industries with their newly developed insect-derived products range. For the Animal [...]

Launching Class V: Meet Our Ten New Startups

We’ve launched a new cohort in London We’re in the middle of the genomic revolution and we’ve just launched our latest cohort in London to accelerate some of the most astonishing developments in the life sciences. Increasing overlap with other technologies like machine [...]

Fancy playing Tetris on a Bio-Computer?

Cell Free Tech based in Cork have just made a world first demonstration of a DNA programmed bio-computer that can play tetris and some other retro classics. Their first product is an 8×8 bio-pixel display that they call bixels ( It may be small but it is still powerful enough to [...]

How synthetic biology startups are building the future: cellular agriculture

The accelerator is helping scientists turn their moonshot visions into viable businesses, fast. Biology is becoming the new digital. As the engineering of biology starts delivering solutions at industrial scale while becoming more data-driven and automated, investors are growing more excited to [...]

RebelBio Cohort 4 Companies Excel at Demo Day 2017

RebelBio Cohort 4 companies may no longer be taking over the labs of University College Cork, but they are disrupting their respective biotechnology sectors. July 26, 2017 marked the end of the 2017 RebelBio program, with all 15 teams graduating at the sold out Demo Day in London. Companies [...]

These Two Companies are Maximizing the Power of Plant Molecules

Two dynamic scientists came together to found SwaLife Biotech, a company that has developed a technology that isolates nine novel molecules from plants. These molecules enhance the skin DNA repair process, and with them the team has developed sunscreen, anti-aging cream, and skin repair cream. [...]

Why does this CEO and Founder LOVE TECHNOLOGY?

“I love technology,” says Dr. Thomas Meany, Cell-Free Technology CEO, emphatically, as he begins to elaborate on the story of how Cell-Free Technology came to be. This innovative academic has had quite the journey, leading to the knowledge that Cell-Free Technology could be a serious business. [...]

RoboCop and Oncology Expert-See how this Startup is Redefining Cancer Diagnosis

As an ode to RoboCop’s Omni Consumer Products, or OCP, a team of leading business people and scientists, came together to create the next large cancer biotechnology company, OaCP, which stands for Oncology and Cytogenetic Products. The team is led by CEO Dr. Enrico Di Oto, who holds a PhD in [...]

CyCa Oncosolutions — Changing Chemotherapy Delivery for the Better

With 15 years of research experience, over 20 well-cited peer-reviewed publications, and many competitive research awards in her arsenal, Dr. Nusrat Sanghamitra is poised for success as CEO of CyCa Oncosolutions, the company behind a new biomolecular device, the CyCa Delivery Device. This is a [...]

Cancer evolves, and so must the treatment. Four alternative approaches to battling the most insidious of diseases

Some months back, I ran into an old friend of mine who I don’t see often these days. After the usual chitchat formalities of family, work, and health, she took a special interest in my latest diabetic report (I have type 1 diabetes). Her husband, who was not long retired and still living a very [...]

Do Humans and Horses have the Same Type of Protein?

Khonsu Therapeutics Founder and CEO, Emer O’Shea, has studied neuroscience, worked for a microfluidic company, and is now jumping head first into developing a therapeutic protein for autoimmune and inflammatory indications in human and animal medications. O’Shea works in conjunction with CSO, [...]

Meet the Startup that Makes Designer Protein Building Blocks

With its own amino acid, VALANX Biotech has opened up a new range of super fast, low-cost protein conjugate products for industry. There are only 20 building blocks of proteins (amino acids) in nature, yet the unique patterns of their combination build to form the complex world around us. So [...]

Organizing your Life with Google Chrome Plug-ins

Upon arrival to RebelBio, I was greeted with friendly faces, determined companies, and a wide array of Google chrome plug-ins from program manager, Steve O’ Connell (@thelovelysteve). I initially thought he was just telling me one or two during my first day to ease my transition, but I [...]

Exploding the myth that maintenance and structured thinking are anti-creative.

         Back in 2014, Lee Vinsel, assistant professor of science and technology studies at New Jersey’s Stevens Institute of Technology, and Andy Russell, who was then an associate professor of history at the same institute, had their attention drawn to the latest book written by Walter [...]

How Synthetic Biology Startups are Growing a Greener Future

Cells are versatile biological modules that can be transformed into powerful factories for a variety of compounds – with a little bio-engineering. A group of biotechnologists are tapping plants for valuable skin regenerating compounds, are making life-saving blood thinners in microalgae [...]

Meet the Founder who is Saving You from Food Poisoning

As the founder and self-declared #girlboss of Kaitek Labs, Emilia Díaz is a synthetic biologist with an engineering background who at 22 founded the company supported by a $350K grant from the Chilean government for research and development. Following, she was named one of the 100 young [...]

Why Everyone (including you) Should Care (at least a little bit) About What We Do

This piece is republished from RebelBio’s cohort IV company, Valanx Biotech’s Medium . Whether it be the sweeping eagle in his flight, or the open apple-blossom, the toiling work-horse, the blithe swan, the branching oak, the winding stream at its base, the drifting clouds, over all [...]

Because We do Not have an Alternate Planet…

This piece is from RebelBio’s cohort IV company, Alternative Plants’ blog . What distinguishes endangered and vulnerable plant species from widely available ones? Why are some species on the edge of extinction while others thrive and spread all over the world? Those are the [...]

Stay Positive, Test Negative with Sex (+)

According to the World Health Organization more than one million people are infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) every single day. Despite this, many of us are still failing to get ourselves regularly tested for these diseases. The reasons for this vary from lack of education, [...]

5 Key Tips about Data Security for Biotech Startups

Many companies in RebelBio’s cohort rely on their intellectual property. It can be the key to the product’s success. This intellectual property is often stored offline, on personal computers, but if the need to send intellectual property or important company documents arise, the question of [...]

Six problems young research scientists face and one sure way to solve them

Life in academia, no matter what stage, can be tougher than people realise. The perception that academics while away their days in tweed jackets with elbow patches has never contrasted more with the stark reality of the desperate struggle to raise money, get recognition and cope with university [...]

How to get investment and a place in RebelBio (PART 1)

Negotiating the path from scientist to budding entrepreneur: Tips on how to be selected for a place on the 2018 RebelBio programme. We are now deep into the 2017 programme, as outlined here previously, and yet my mind is already starting to think about next year. I’m not the only one: [...]

Accelerators vs. Incubators in Biotech: Differences startups need to know

Business incubators and accelerators are compared and contrasted all the time in business blogs and articles.  People don’t realise that in the biotech, these terms don’t necessarily apply. Things are different in the world of biotech and here are a few FAQs concerning them. What’s a [...]

Scientists…Do They Make Good Entrepreneurs?

John Carrigan, Chief Scientist at RebelBio discusses his views on the entrepreneurial process and how the role of the scientists and how they have moved from the lab to the boardroom! From my personal experience, its a question that gets people within the biotech sector quite exercised and has [...]

Is the Postdocalypse an Opportunity in Disguise?

A postdoctoral scholar (“postdoc”) is an individual holding a doctoral degree who is engaged in a temporary period of mentored research and/or scholarly training for the purpose of acquiring the professional skills needed to pursue a career path of his or her choosing.(1) While the [...]

Defining Synthetic Biology for Startups

Trying to draw boundaries for a field of knowledge is a hopeless effort. The old joke about the undergrad that was very confused when he found out that Biology is Chemistry, Chemistry is Physics and Physics is Math is a bit hyperbolic but not wholly inaccurate. There is no imperative for the [...]

Discard Your Risk Aversion

When discussing the development and commercialisation of synthetic biology, as I am wont to do, I encounter an unsurprising aversion to risk-taking among my colleagues. This has the unfortunate effect of preventing many otherwise talented and capable people from applying to rare and exciting [...]