Saphium: Bringing back the love to plastics.

Saphium Biotechnology consists of Katharina Ettl, Bernhard Brauner- Runge, Reinmar Stefan Eggers, Josef Tauchner, Christof Winkler-Hermaden, and Sanel Durakovic. All of whom met at Karl- Franzens [...]

Ageria: Hungry For a Longer Life?

Next up on the IndieBio EU interview series is Ageria which comprises of Corey Howe from Ohio, and Andreas Stuermer, Alexander Gfrerer and David Weichselbaum from Austria. They met at a biohacker [...]

Sothic Bioscience: Saving human lives and the horseshoe crab with artificial blue blood

To find out more about the 9 incredible startups in the IndieBio EU cohort, we have decided to interview each of them. The first in the series of 9 team interviews is Sothic Bioscience. Sothic [...]