RebelBio is a global Moonshot Bio-Factory. We’re an accelerator by SOSV that is funding and building startups in biotechnology, life sciences, health and synthetic biology to solve our worlds’ most complex and pressing challenges – with life itself!

We believe in building a better future with biology. RebelBio is short for Rebellious Biotechnologies and we support rebels who believe in creating 10X better solutions and break the status quo. Re-imagine, re-think today to build our tomorrow out of a petridish.

Our accelerator helps life sciences innovators, academics, biomakers and citizen scientists to change the world and make something that matters. RebelBio provides seed funding, lab space, a ‘startup 101’ bootcamp and mentorship to drive this transition in a fast-paced, intense 4 months programme. Then, we launch our graduate companies into the world to shape and expand the bioeconomy, catalysed by our global experience, the many alumni, inspiring mentors, corporate partners and ever-growing investor network.

Can you grow a moonshot in a petridish? We believe so!

Biologists from the most diverse backgrounds, with or without doctorate are building tomorrow’s breakthrough solutions everywhere right now, from community or university labs, as iGEM teams or as employees with a passion project. Want to create your own luck and have a real impact in the world out there? Have an idea to solve a problem?  Then stop guessing ‘what if’ and apply today to join the Bio-Revolution!

RebelBio is accepting applications for our next programme, which runs in ‘Carbon Valley’, Cork City in Ireland, an emerging life sciences and startup-friendly hub. From April through July 2017, discover the beautiful city in the ‘Rebel Country’ full of character and rich history and strategically placed between London and Dublin. Enjoy the exciting, entrepreneurial atmosphere around global tech companies, a life sciences and medical excellence cluster featuring some of our graduate startups and its own airport!

Dive into the multi-layered pubs and indie coffee shops to hatch out your next steps and take your team for a beer or a run in stunning Fitzgerald Park after a long day in the lab, as summer sets around the scenic River Lee. We’ll add rocket fuel and smart capital (we’re scientists and founders, too!) to your life-changing adventure, as you learn from renowned masters and successful entrepreneurs in your journey to the moon(shot) –  make your application, and talk to us about your idea for RebelBio!

Meet the Team

Bill Liao


Founder of RebelBio and SOSV Investment Partner

Bill is an Australian entrepreneur, business mentor, diplomat, author and speaker with a distinguished record in the areas of business, development and community activism. He is co-founder of the CoderDojo movement, a free global network formed to assist young people to learn how to computer program. As well as co-founding XING, a pioneering business social networking platform in 2003, Bill has served as COO of Davnet a telecommunications carrier that went public in the late 90’s Bill serves as a special diplomatic envoy for St Kitt’s and Nevis, with an emphasis on sustainable development and the environment. Author of three books, he is a regular speaker at many events and venues such as The London School of Economics, The World Economic Forum, The Globe Forum in Sweden, The House of Commons and TED as well as TEDx. He is Founder of WeForest that has planted over 5 million trees globally.


Elsa Sotiriadis


Programme Director

Coming soon


John Carrigan



Chief Scientist

John Carrigan graduated from University College Dublin in 2005 with a PhD in protein biochemistry, in which he explored the engineering of enzymes for use in diagnostic kits. In 2008, he moved into the area of metabolomics and proteomics, where he worked at the largest nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) centre in Europe, in Birmingham UK. While there, he was involved in developing ‘omic’ methods and providing an analytical service to a range of other companies and researchers, in addition to being heavily involved in research into cancer detection and treatment. In 2012, he joined startup company AER BIO Ltd, which later merged with the green chemical company, Cellulac. While at Cellulac, he spearheaded development of cost-effective natural product extraction (particularly omega oils) from microalgae, a process that has now reached industrial scale. 

Dr Carrigan has published several peer-reviewed articles in these areas, in addition to also occasionally writing articles for publications such as the Irish Medical Times and the New York-based Medical Daily on topics ranging from phantom-limb syndrome to the biochemistry of the hangover.


Steven O Connell

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Associate Director & Programme Manager

Steven O Connell is the Associate Director & Programme Manager & Hustler in Residence for RebelBio.

Cited by Philip Hemme, CEO of Labiotech EU’s as “European Biotechnologies Biggest Rebel” Steven helps early stage synthetic biology & biotechnology companies develop in Cork, Ireland by running an intensive but rewarding mini-MBA style programme to de-risk these ventures.

He holds a BSc Hons in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from CIT and an MSc in Biotechnology and Business from UCD & the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. Steven has business development experience with startups and established companies giving him a unique perspective on how to help develop early stage biotech startups.

Areas of experience include: marketing, business planning for life sciences, social media, facility design, biotech R&D and lean lab initiatives. Steven is passionate about startups, hackathons, bio-hacking, health & fitness, coding and promoting entrepreneurship in biotechnology.

To date Steven has spoken at the Cambridge University Technology & Entrepreneurship Club’s 2016 Technology Ventures Conference and has been featured in Science Foundation Ireland’s : Smart Futures website.


Caitriona Kelleher

Business Analyst

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